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A Valuable Business Partner

"We are a team of problem solvers. Through our rigorous dedication to Continuous Daily Improvement (CDI) we achieve high quality results for our customers. Our commitment to our own operational excellence allows us to help our customers improve their daily operations." more...Douglas Buster, Owner and President

Fabricators Plus provides custom metal fabrication and contract manufacturing solutions to our customers in Iowa and the Midwest. More than just a supply partner, we develop an understanding of each customer's unique operational challenges, and meet those challenges like no one else does.



"I really want to thank all you guys for your help in getting these extrusions pushed through so fast.  It was nothing short of amazing.  Please pass our thanks along."

Product Design Engineer, 2009

Performance Metrics

  • 12,624 Parts Per Day
  • 98.8% Delivery Complete Rate
  • 98.8% Delivery On-Time Rate
  • 33 Delivery Defect-Free Rate (CCPM*)

* CCPM means Customer Complaints per Million parts. World Class Manufacturing standards dictate a range of 100-120 CCPM.

What's New


Custom Fabrication